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Cattle Livestock|Stake Fence Trailer

Cattle Livestock|Stake Fence Trailer


Cattle Livestock|Stake Fence Trailer is a special trailer for bulk cargos, such as Live animals and other bulk cargo.

Configuration Information

Axle: 13 tons * 3

Bearing capacity: 50 tons

Side plate: corrugated plate

Tire: 12r22.5 * 12pcs

Traction pin: 50mm or 90mm

Toolbox: 1


40cbm fence truck trailer

Fence cargo truck trailer opening mode: left and right split, up and down open, long lock bar split, short lock bar split, card slot up lift; The frame structure of warehouse grid split conventional vehicle is divided into straight beam type and gooseneck type. Gooseneck type can effectively reduce the height of rear cargo box platform. The carriage structure of the fence cargo box truck trailer, the board warehouse, and the carriage is reduced by the front baffle to lower the height of the center of gravity of the fence trailer.


40tons fence truck trailer

The longitudinal beam is straight or gooseneck, the longitudinal beam is welded by automatic submerged arc welding, the frame is shot blasted, and the cross beam penetrates the longitudinal beam and welds the whole.

40cbm fence truck trailer2

40cbm fence truck trailer3

Suspension system: adopts a new type of suspension system with high strength, strong impact resistance, balanced load on each axle, and reasonable design of the system tie rod angle, which reduces the friction and slip distance between the tire and the ground during frequent bumps. Reduce tire wear, while the tie rod can be adjusted, and the wheelbase can be adjusted, effectively avoiding the phenomenon of partial running and gnawing of the tire.


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