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Fence Semi Trailer

Fence Semi Trailer


Fence semi trailer can be used to transport animals, drinks and bulk goods. It is very suitable for medium and short distance transportation. Unique design, can be very convenient loading and unloading goods.

Name: Fence Semi Trailer

Volume: 40 tons-60 tons

Towing pin: 50mm or 90mm

Dimensions: 13000X2500X3800 (mm)

Cargo compartment size: 12820X2400X600 (mm)

Fence cargo trailer is a type of trailer, which is mainly used for the transportation of special cargo in the shack type. At the same time, the appearance of the rear compartment pursues beautiful design, and at the same time, the internal structure and the selection of high-quality steel for the compartment.

3 axle carbon steel 40 toans 60 tons fence cargo bulk trailer


The trailer is carried out using a reasonable process and welded in strict accordance with international standards. Convenient, safe and reliable. According to the needs of customers, the transportation vehicles suitable for various industries are suitable for the long, medium and short distance road transportation of users, and can also be used as ordinary trucks. The modern transportation industry is highly developed, especially the rapid development of modern logistics industry. Fence trailer is an economical product developed in urban and international logistics transportation markets.

BPW axle side curtain trailer for Pepsi and Coca Cola air suspension


60tons 80 tons enclosed trailer enclosed cargo trailer manufacture


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