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Livestock|Animal Fence Truck Trailer

Livestock|Animal Fence Truck Trailer


Livestock/Animal Fence Truck Trailer is designed to tansport live animal,fruit and vegetable and other bulk cargos.

fence cargo truck trailer1

Livestock/Animal Fence Truck Trailer’s box is designed with a beautiful appearance and reasonable internal structure; advanced technology, using high-quality steel as the skeleton and welding in strict accordance with industry standards. The box van body is pressed into a corrugated shape by tooling fixtures, which has high strength and light weight. The warehouse fence can be half-disassembled, completely disassembled and lifted at will. It is convenient and practical, safe and reliable.

fence cargo truck trailer2

Livestock/Animal Fence Truck Trailer can be designed and manufactured according to user requirements, such as double-deck fresh live animal transport truck trailers, fruit and vegetable transport vehicles. It is suitable for short- and medium-distance road transportation and can also be used as an ordinary truck. In the highly developed road transportation industry, especially the rapid development of the modern logistics industry. Cangzhou transport vehicles will be promoted quickly, and popularization is an economical product developed in the urban and inter-city logistics transportation market.

1606467971(1)Welded type column


This column is firmly welded to the side beam at the bottom of the carriage, and the box plates on both sides are tightly locked by the column through a lock. This column has good firmness, is not easy to loose, and is not easy to expand when fully loaded. This type is used in semi-trailers. The application is very extensive.

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