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30tons Cement Trailer

30tons Cement Trailer


What is a cement trailer / bulk cement tank trailer --- how to choose the most suitable cement trailer / bulk cement tank trailer (two different ways to provide aerodynamic power)

30tons Cement Trailer

Engine: 4102 Weichai brand Huafeng

Compressor: 12 cubic double cylinder Fuda brand 

Suspension: Mechanical suspension reforced type

Tire: 12R22.5*12Pcs

What is a cement trailer / bulk cement tank trailer --- how to choose the most suitable cement trailer / bulk cement tank trailer (two different ways to provide aerodynamic power)

 30tons bulk cement trailer

There are two different ways to take power for  cement trailer / bulk cement tank trailer when unloading cement or other bulk powdered goods. This is a factor that you need to consider especially when choosing a cement trailer / powder tank trailer for your business. In this product page, we describe two different ways of providing aerodynamic power for a tractor and aerodynamic power for a diesel engine.

 power of cement trailer

Tractor provides aerodynamics

Connect the air outlet metal hose of the compressor to the inlet pipe joint of the trailer and confirm that it is firm and reliable. Check whether the belt tightness is normal (press the belt elasticity <2cm with your hand is appropriate)

Start the tractor, depress the clutch pedal, turn on the power take-off switch, and place the gear in the appropriate position. Nine gears are in the fourth gear, and 12 gears are in the fifth gear; automatic gears do not require gears. Operation and driving Throttle controller behind the room. It is better to make the speed of the air compressor reach 800-1000 rpm.

inside of cement trailer

Unloading operation

When the barometer shows that it reaches 0.196Mpa, observe whether the safety valve is vented at the same time. If it is vented, you need to readjust the pressure of the safety valve.

First open the auxiliary blow valve, then open the discharge butterfly valve to discharge, and continue to pump air into the tank during the discharge

When the pressure in the tank drops to 0.05Mpa, the tank discharge is completed.

According to the ash remaining in the tank, determine whether the clearance is required. When clearance is required, the front and back sections are cleared separately.

When the barometer shows 0.1Mpa, the dust is cleared. Close the tail discharge butterfly valve first, and then close the blow ball valve. When the front end is cleared, the rear end air inlet valve is closed; when the rear end is cleared, the front air inlet valve is closed. Continue to inflate the tank. Until the pressure reaches 0.196Mpa, the warehouse is cleared until the discharge is completed.

 cement trailer parts

When the air pressure drops to 0.05Mpa

Diesel engines provide aerodynamic power: shut down diesel engines, air compressors, close clutches

Tractor provides aerodynamic power: Depress clutch to turn off power take-off switch

The gear is in neutral and the engine stalls. Open the pressure relief valve on the top of the tank to exhaust the air pressure in the tank, and close the discharge valve, the blowing valve, and the pressure relief valve. Disassemble the unloading pipe, place it in the hose bracket and tighten it, remove the metal hose pumped by the air compressor, and lock it on the fixed frame.

bulk cement trailer

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