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35CBM Dry Bulk Cement|Powder Tank Trailer

35CBM Dry Bulk Cement|Powder Tank Trailer


35CBM Dry Bulk Cement|Powder Tank Trailer is suitable for bulk transportation of dry materials with particle diameter less than 0.1 mm such as fly ash, cement, lime powder, ore powder, granular alkali, etc.

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35CBM Dry Bulk Cement|Powder Tank Trailer is composed of engine, diesel engine, tank body, chassis, manhole cover, ladder and various valves (check valve, inlet valve, safety valve, blowing aid valve, discharge butterfly valve, etc.).

40cbm cement tank trailer2

Tank assembly

The tank body assembly is the main part of the powder tank car, which is mainly used to load medium and form inner gas chamber, fluidized bed, side slide plate, etc. It is mainly composed of cylinder, head and internal accessories.

bulk cement tank trailer

Working Principle of Cement Tank Trailer


The compressed air from the air compressor or external air source enters the air chamber through the pipeline, and then passes through the fluidized bed at a speed greater than the critical suspension speed of the cement particles (the speed is guaranteed by the displacement of the air compressor and the area of the fluidized bed). The cement particles on the bed separate from the support of the fluidized bed under the air flow and float upward, and the distance between the particles increases. At this time, the cement on the fluidized bed has a similar liquid It has fluidity and can be discharged from the tank under the action of pressure difference between inside and outside the tank body to achieve the purpose of gas discharge.

40cbm cement tank trailer2


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