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CIMC Aluminum Bulk Cement |Powder Silo Tank Trailer

CIMC Aluminum Bulk Cement |Powder Silo Tank Trailer


CIMC Aluminum Bulk Cement |Powder Silo Tank Trailer is a light weight traielr for bulk powder, such as dry bulk cement, fly ash and lime etc.

Brief Information

Material: Aluminum alloy



Suspension:Mechanical/Air suspension

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Aluminum alloy material has the characteristics of low density, high strength and corrosion resistance. Aluminum alloy has become the preferred material for lightweight technology application of powder cement tank semi-trailer. The main structure (tank body, frame) material is aluminum alloy bulk cement transportation semi-trailer. In the international market, it has emerged and emerged.

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The pipeline at the front of the aluminum cement tank trailer is connected to the air compressor. The external air is divided into multiple strands through the pipeline and injected into different positions of the tank body to better discharge the material. The inlet of the tanker is generally above the tank body, and the discharge requires an air compressor to pressurize the inside of the tank body to "blow out" the powder inside.

The discharge port of aluminum alloy cement trailer is located at the end of the tank. Regardless of whether it is the intake pipe or the discharge pipe, the pipe directly connected to the tank has only one section, and then it is connected to the other end of the pipe through a piece of hose. In this way, if the pipeline is blocked, it can be disassembled and repaired.

aluminum alloy cement silo trailer

Aluminum alloy material has the advantage of light weight. The minimum weight of a 30cbm aluminum dry bulk cement tank trailer can be about 4.7 tons, which can reduce the weight of 1.2-1.6 tons compared to steel cement tanks. On the other hand, compared to steel cement silo tank trailer, the surface of aluminum powder silo cement trailer is smoother, so the internal residual rate of boredom is lower. There are only about 15 kilograms left in the aluminum CIMC bulk cement trailer. For this reason, under the agreement of the transportation department, aluminum cement tank trailer can transport more than 1 ton of cement(powder) compared steels, and can increase a lot of income in freight. 

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 CIMC Aluminum Bulk Cement |Powder Silo Tank Trailer 

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