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Concrete Mix Trailer

Concrete Mix Trailer


Concrete mix trailer is special trailer for cement concrete,realize stirring function.During the transportation process, the mixing drum will always be kept rotating to ensure that the concrete carried will not set.

Concrete Mix Trailer

Size:11900mm * 2550mm * 3998mm


Volume:16m 3

Diesel engine:YUNNEI

Hydraulic pump:ITALY PMP110

Hydraulic motor:ITALY PMP7.5

The concrete mix trailer is a semi-trailer specially used to transport cement concrete. It has the same function as the concrete mix truck and is used to mix concrete. Because of its shape, it is often called a snail trailer. These concrete mix trailers are equipped with cylindrical mixing drums to carry the mixed concrete. During the transportation process, the mixing drum will always be kept rotating to ensure that the concrete carried will not set. After the concrete is transported, the inside of the mixing drum is usually washed with water to prevent the hardened concrete from taking up space.

concrete cement mix trailer

Concrete Mix Trailer Characteristics 

1. Strong professionalism, ready-mixed concrete must be completed by a special mixer truck, other vehicles are not substitute;

2. Strong service, the transportation of ready-mixed concrete directly serves the construction of the project. All transportation activities must focus on the progress of the project, and cannot be delayed or advanced, otherwise it will affect the quality of the project and the waste of concrete;

3. The time is strong, and the ready-mixed concrete must be sent to the construction site within 2 hours after it is produced. The concrete time of individual special grades is tighter, and the mixing cannot be stopped during the second period, and the concrete supply cannot be interrupted before the completion of a working face.

concrete mixer trailer

Matters needing attention in the use of concrete mixer trailer 

1. The pressure, quantity, quality and temperature of the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic transmission system of the  concrete mix trailer should meet the specified requirements without leakage.

2. During mixing and transportation, the amount of loaded concrete should not exceed the allowed loading quality.

3. When the mixer truck is parked in the open air, the mixing drum should be reversed before charging to let the water and debris in the drum be discharged. Before loading, it is best to add a small amount of water to the feed to make the feeding smooth and prevent sticking.

4. During the driving of the mixer truck, the long unloading chute must be turned over and fixed on the chute, and then turned to the vertical part of the body, fixed with the pin to the frame to prevent swings caused by unfixed, hurting pedestrians or Affect vehicle operation.

5. When the mixer truck passes through bridges, holes, warehouses and other facilities, it should pay attention to the height and width to avoid collision accidents. In particular, the length of the current four-axle tank truck is very long. When the height of the bridge hole is close to the limit, the long body is a string on the lower arc road, and the height that can be passed will decrease.

6. The continuous operation time of the stirring device does not exceed 8 hours.

concrete mixer trailers

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