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Container Flatbed Trailer

Container Flatbed Trailer


What is container flatbed trailer?----How to Convert a Container Low Flatbed Trailer into a Timber Transport Trailer

Container Flatbed Trailer

Cpacity:20ft 40ft 50ft container

Steel Sheet: Floor Thickness 4mm, side wall thickness 2.2mm

Painting: Sand Blasting Before Painting, color upon request

Air/Elec. Connetor:ISO Standard Air Connector. 24V 7 Pin plug socket

What is container flat bed trailer?----How to Convert a Container Low Flat bed Trailer into a Timber Transport Trailer

Container flatbed trailer is generally used to transport containers to meet people's needs for transporting containers of different sizes. This article focuses on what a container flat bed trailer is, what it does and how the container flat bed transports wood.


The frame of the container flat bed trailer is a skeleton structure composed of two longitudinal beams and several beams, and then the trailer floor is laid on the basis of the frame chassis, mostly using steel plates. The container directly falls on the semi-trailer steel plate, and the container is fixed and locked with a turn lock device equipped at the end of the beam.

flatbed container trailer


In addition to being able to transport containers, container slabs also have the ability to transport other goods, which is also one of the biggest differences from container container chassis trailers. In order to meet the customer's many different transportation needs, when we designing the container flatbed trailer, we set up special slots on both sides of the bottom of the trailer so that it can be inserted into the column so that it can transport wood, steel bars and other long-length goods. , To achieve the diversification of container flat cargo.


If you want to know more about the container flat bed trailer, please contact us, we will provide you with the most suitable road transportation solution.

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