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3 Axle Container Trailer

3 Axle Container Trailer


3 axles container trailer can transport 20ft 40ft 53ft containers,widely used in ports, factories, etc.

Basic Information

Total length: 11500mm

Overall width: 2500mm

Total height: 1600mm

Model: 13 tons * 3 axis

Carrying capacity: 30 tons -40 tons

Container size: 20 "40" 53 "

Material: Steel Q345B

Twist lock: 4-12 European twist locks

Toolbox: 1

Skeleton Container Chassis Trailer8


1. The 3 Axle Container Trailer body is made of high-quality steel, advanced technology, and strict production. The vehicle structure is reasonable, the performance is reliable, the operation is simple, and the appearance is beautiful.

2. The frame of 3 Axle Container Trailers is a beam-type structure, and the longitudinal beam adopts a straight type or a gooseneck type. The web height is from 400mm to 550mm manganese plate welding, the longitudinal beam is welded by automatic submerged welding, the frame is shot peened, and the crossbeam penetrates the longitudinal beam and welds the whole. 

3. The suspension adopts non-independent steel plate stamping rigid suspension, which is made of serial leaf springs and suspension bearings; the structure is reasonable, with strong rigidity and strength, used to support the load and reduce the impact.

You could choose gooseneck or straight beam containers according to their needs

Skeleton Container Chassis Trailer3

Why choose the container chassis trailer, container chassis purchase or container chassis trailer rental ?

Why choose the container chassis trailer? This is because of some characteristics of the container chassis trailer. The container chassis trailer can transport different containers to achieve fast transportation of goods.

For some factories, if the usual transportation demand is relatively large, it is more cost-effective to purchase a container skeleton truck by yourself than renting a trailer and container of a transportation company.

For some shipping companies, buying a container chassis trailer is a very economical issue. Because shipping companies need a large number of shipping containers, shipping companies can buy container skeleton trailers in batches. Although some costs may be invested in the short term, they are economically significant in the long run. Because container skeleton trucks are cheaper, the factory will give a very reasonable discount when buying in bulk to maximize the economic benefits. On the one hand, the cost of renting a large number of container chassis trailers will also be very expensive.

container trailer6

Choosing the container chassis trailer is important for factories and shipping companies to develop business. We hope you will carefully consider when choosing a container chassis trailer and choose the most suitable and satisfactory trailer.

If you want to know more, please contact us, we will send you more details.

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