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40ft Container Shipping|Chassis Trailer

40ft Container Shipping|Chassis Trailer


40ft Container Shipping|Chassis Trailer is a semi-trailer for container and ISO tanker. It is mainly used in the logistics system of ships, ports, routes, highways, transfer stations, bridges, tunnels and multimodal transport.

40ft container chassis trailer

The weight of this container chassis trailer is only about 5.3 tons, which is more than 300 kg lighter than similar products. The container chassis trailer can trailerry a 40 foot container or two 20 foot containers. In addition to the advantages of self weight, this container frame trailer has many bright spots. The quality of a trailer depends more on the workmanship in details, mainly in the aspects of design, welding and line layout.


40ft Container Carrier|Chassis Trailer adopts the common yellow coating of skeleton trailers, which is very eye-catching. Although the matt paint surface is not very bright, it is evenly sprayed, and the vehicle quality is excellent.

40ft container chassis trailer1

Under the Yellow topcoat is the electrophoretic primer. This trailer adopts the electrophoresis process. After shot blasting, the trailer will trailerry out electrophoresis. After electrophoresis, there will be a layer of electrophoretic paint, which will greatly enhance the anti-corrosion ability of the trailer.


The quality and welding technology of the 40ft Container Carrier|Chassis Trailer are very important. The beam of this container chassis trailer is welded smoothly and evenly, which can show the advanced welding technology. This trailer adopts robot welding. Compared with manual welding, the welding seam will not be uneven. Robot welding can maximize the strength and beauty of welding. At the same time, robot welding also greatly reduces the welding time of the whole vehicle and improves the production efficiency.


The web of contaienr chassis trailer beam is designed with multi-channel stiffeners to increase the strength of trailer main beam. Different from other manufacturers, the stiffener design of this trailer is more reasonable to ensure the strength of the beam and reduce the weight. In addition, there is a gap at both ends of the stiffener, which can release the stress under load. Due to the large bearing capacity of the suspension landing leg, there are also stiffeners on it to enhance the strength of the beamr at the suspension.

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