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Aluminum Container Chassis Trailer

Aluminum Container Chassis Trailer


Aluminum container trailer can be used for 20ft 40ft and 53ft containers.The whole trailer is made of aluminum. Therefore, it has a light weight and can meet customers who has requirements for weight.

Basic configuration

Size: 12000mm * 2500mm * 1610mm

Material: mixed steel and aluminum

Weight: 3.2 tons

Leading technical force: adopt topological optimization, finite element analysis and other advanced design methods to ensure the customer's 40-ton load capacity; integrated girder structure: better bearing and higher strength; integrated gooseneck structure: well-made, overall vehicle strength Better and not easily deformed. The steel-aluminum hybrid type is used to effectively combine aluminum alloy materials and high-strength steel materials, which is highly economical; all materials are purchased from well-known manufacturers and quality assurance; the vehicle weight is 3.2 tons (single tire 2.9 tons), far below All-steel or all-aluminum trailer.

The Aluminum container trailer is a small gooseneck structure, the side protection material is aluminum alloy and bolted. The rear protection material is aluminum alloy and bolted.

light weight container trailer

Front sealing frame (front wing brace): two limit blocks in the middle; two locks and pins on both sides.

The large gooseneck structure effectively reduces the height of the bearing surface (the height of the bearing surface is 1 meter), and can increase the volume of the box about 8 square meters.

Locking hands in the middle, wing brace is through type, with diagonal brace below.

The flanging weight-reducing hole mainly has three functions: 1. reducing weight, 2. eliminating internal stress, and 3. increasing stability.

3 axle 45ft/53ft container for Port, factory, transport company aluminum chassis trailer

Aluminum container chassis trailer

The rear protective net, the rear sealing frame and the lock hand wing brace are combined into one, which integrates components such as lamps, license plates, signs and reflectors, which is simple, practical and aesthetic. 60-liter oversized gas cylinder

The lifting load is 25 tons, the static load is 50T, and the aluminum alloy linkage legs are strong, practical, and light in weight.

12500mm Special design BPW axle Jost 40tons 60tons container skeletal trailer

aluminum container chassis

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