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Bomb Cart|Terminal Container Chssis Trailer

Bomb Cart|Terminal Container Chssis Trailer


Bomb Cart|Terminal Container Chssis Trailer is a container chassis Trailer specially used for wharf and port.

two-axle-45ft-Yard-Chassis-bomb-cart (2)_

Container chassis trailer is usually used for road transportation, and there is a special container chassis Trailer in the port. Bomb Cart|Terminal Container Chssis Trailer may not look very different from the ordinary container chassis trailer, but if you look closely, you can see the difference between the two. Compared with the traditional container frame car, this kind of container frame car has many protruding parts.


two-axle-45ft-Yard-Chassis-bomb-cart (1)_


In fact, the design of container transport vehicle is to transfer containers of different sizes and models to the container parking area.

Bomb CartTerminaContainer Chssis Trailer

Bomb CartTerminaContainer Chssis Trailer1

Some of these bumps on the trailer body are for the container loading position mark, and some are the anti-skid block of the hand rocker arm, which not only does not damage the bottom of the container, but also can effectively fix the container and prevent the container from shaking at will during transportation. In the container terminal, the special transport vehicles sometimes have to be connected in series into trains. The marks on the container transport vehicles are more conducive to the connection and driving of trailers.

Bomb Cart|Terminal Container Chssis Trailer

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