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Shipping Container Trailer

Shipping Container Trailer


Shipping Container Trailer can transport 20ft 40ft containers with 8-12 twist locks.



Wiring:24V. 6 line

Light s & Reflectors:Rear light,rear reflector, turn indicative light, side reflector, fog lamp, plate light

Suspension:Mechanical Suspension With 10pcs Leaf Spring(16*90mm)

Containers chassis trailers guide --- How to choose different styles of containers chassis trailers 

Containers chassis trailer is widely used in docks, ports and factories, mainly transporting containers and van cargo containers. The purpose of this article is to provide customers with a choice of reference solutions when purchasing container skeleton trailer.

Different styles of container skeleton trailer

1.Straight beam Container chassis trailers

Straight beam frame truck refers to the style of the trailer's beam (shown below). Such a container transporter can transport two 20-foot containers or one 40-foot container at the same time. The entire trailer can be equipped with 4 container twist locks or 8 container twist lock.



2.Gooseneck Containers chassis trailers

The gooseneck Containers chassis trailers is a gooseneck design on the front of the trailers, which can transport 20-foot or 40-foot container. Can be equipped with 4 containers or 8 containers twist locks. When 8 containers twist locks are provided, the container twist lock at the rear of the trailer needs to be replaced with a liftable type. Gooseneck trailers can also transport gooseneck van/box containers.



3.Connectable containers chassis trailers

The connectable containers trailer is designed with a saddle at the rear of the trailer and can be connected to different types of container trailers. It can meet different types of container transportation and realize the function of transporting multiple containers at the same time.



This article mainly introduces 3 different containers chassis trailers. You can choose the most suitable containers chassis trailers according to your own requirements. If you are not sure which containers frame trailer to choose, you can contact us and we will recommend the most suitable trailer for you according to your needs.

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