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Basic maintenance of semi-trailer, do you usually pay attention?

Mar 25, 2019

A. Summer is the most important for the semi-trailer in the rainy season, in addition to the problem of driving skidding and having good driving habits and skills. Brake and tire maintenance are also safe for driving. There are many rains in summer, so pay attention to the paint on the outside. The acidic components in the rain easily corrode the car paint, and the body can be waxed and sealed. The chassis is rustproof. The chassis is closest to the ground and is prone to corrosion. Therefore, we must pay attention to the cleaning and anti-rust treatment of the chassis.

B, brake oil; driving is most afraid of brake failure, brake is the most critical part of the car. One of the guarantees that make us safe to drive, the life of brake fluid is generally two years. We should change the brake oil at the appropriate time. When changing the brake oil, be sure to put the old brake oil clean and replace it with new ones to avoid mixing old and new. After changing, try on the brakes in the empty territory. Let the air out of the oil drain.

C. The possible reason for the gearbox burnout is that the lubrication is invalid and the gear is not lubricated. It burned when it produced high temperatures. There is also the symptom of burning the gearbox when the gear is stuck. Therefore, the transmission oil must also pay attention to the addition. The steering wheel oil is also the same. Sometimes, you will feel that the steering wheel is heavy and it is best to use semi-synthetic motor oil.

D. In the rainy season, pay attention to the line connection of the car or the intrusion of rain. Before driving, be sure to check the car's items and whether it is normal. Especially for car tires, car tires are the most important part, especially the tires of the steering wheel.

E. How long does the semi-trailer tire change? Let's talk about the two on the cab, how to see if the tires are replaced. It is to see if the flower on the tire is worn or not, and whether the steel ring is deformed. A tire can run 100,000 kilometers as long as it is not overloaded or complicated. (Of course, if there is a puncture or a puncture in the driving, there is no way).

F, frozen liquid, generally used in winter, it is afraid that the trailer is difficult to start. Therefore, in the winter semi-trailer, the frozen liquid will be added.

G. It is also necessary to maintain it in the driving, so as to bring benefits better. Finally, I wish you all drivers a safe and smooth ride. Go home early and get together with your family.