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China trailer considerations

Jul 12, 2018

  In addition to the wreckers described above, the Chinese trailers also include heavy-duty flat-panel Chinese trailers for large-tonnage transportation of industrial goods, and towed trailers and tow trucks that can be used on expressways. Another type is the Chinese trailer used in the shipping terminal, which is used to transport containerized cargo. It is a kind of transportation and hauling tool frequently used in ports.

  1. Should choose the color of the eye-catching Chinese trailer tools, such as yellow, blue, fluorescent green, fluorescent red. The color is not eye-catching enough to hang colored strips on Chinese trailer tools. When using Chinese trailers at night, try to use Chinese tow ropes with reflective materials or Chinese tow poles to increase the warning effect.

  2. China's trailer tools should be installed at the same position as the Chinese trailer link on the same side of the vehicle. If the faulty vehicle is the left hook, the tractor should also select the left hook to ensure straight travel after the road. And when installing the Chinese trailer hook, it must be checked afterwards to ensure that the Chinese trailer hook is installed tightly, so as to prevent the Chinese trailer hook from being injured during use.

  3. Pay attention to the communication before and after the car. There are many studies on Chinese trailers, and the cooperation between the front and rear drivers is very important. A reasonable driving route should be established between the pilots of the Chinese trailers to avoid complicated road conditions and congested sections. If there is no walkie-talkie as a communication tool, you need to agree on the communication signals of start-up, deceleration, turning, ups and downs, etc. before the road, so that the front and rear car control is consistent.

  4. Control the safety distance. In order to prevent rear-end collision when using Chinese tow rope Chinese trailers, it is necessary to master the distance and speed. Generally, the length of the Chinese tow rope is about 5~10 m, so the distance should be controlled within the effective range of the Chinese tow rope, and the Chinese tow rope is kept in tension. The speed of the Chinese trailer is controlled below 20 km/h.

  5. Before and after driving, the vehicle should turn on the double flashing warning light and drive along the outermost lane. You can also put the "Chinese trailer" logo on the back of the tractor to indicate that other vehicles are driving carefully.

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