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Chinese tow truck transportation methods and safety measures

Aug 27, 2018

  Before transporting ultra-wide, ultra-high and ultra-long items in trailers in China, proper transportation methods and safety measures should be formulated. When entering urban traffic or highways, it is necessary to abide by traffic laws and regulations. When transporting the over-limit items, it is necessary to handle the passage formalities with the traffic management department and trudge on the regular road within the regular time. The over-limit part should be red flag in the day and red light at night. Ultra-high objects should be looked after by special people, and should be accompanied by electricians to maintain the transmission line on the way, to ensure the safety of work.

  The advantages of the trailer is because there is no cable, not only safe, and is not afraid of hot, not afraid to hit, not cloggy cross transportation, easy to implement remote control and automation, can run on the bend, stoop on, appropriate to increase the number of step-down transformer can not restricted by flat car running distance, to the factory layout with very convenient transport. The Chinese trailer is a low-voltage rail-powered flat car. Its working principle is to reduce the voltage of 380V power supply (three-phase or single-phase) to the safe voltage of 36V through the ground control step-down system. Feed to the conductive rail (the conductive rail doubles as the running track of the flat car), and send the low voltage to the booster transformer on the flat car through the conductive device of the flat car, and boost the voltage to 380V to drive the three-phase or single-phase capacitor motor to drive the flat car to run.

  Be careful not to let the drive wheel turn because of friction with the ground. That is to say, whether it is a front drive car, a rear drive car or a four-wheel-drive car, try to avoid contact between the driving wheels and the ground. So, right now, driving in front of the car is all about lifting the front wheels and pulling the rear wheels. Rear-drive and four-wheel-drive vehicles are usually carried on Chinese trailers. So you don't damage the transmission.