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Chinese trailer application skills

Jul 13, 2018

  The Chinese trailer is an unpowered road vehicle whose industrial design and technical characteristics need to be hauled by trucks for normal use. Chinese trailers are generally used for special purposes such as heavy-duty transportation of industrial goods or transportation of personnel. What are the “longevity secrets” of Chinese trailers? It is already the summer time. For our Chinese trailer users, maintaining the Chinese trailer is the key to extending the service life. Lubrication of Chinese trailers is indispensable. Only when the lubrication channel of the vehicle is cleaned up will the vehicle work smoothly and easily get on the road. It is necessary to pass the quality of the purchased lubricating oil, because the quality of the lubricating oil can not only save fuel, but also reduce friction, ensure smooth operation of the engine and extend the service life of the vehicle.

  Especially in this summer, the high temperature season is easy to make the lubricating oil thinner, which will lead to the deterioration of the lubricating oil's anti-oxidation performance, which is not conducive to the protection of the engine, and may cause malfunctions such as burning the shaft. For the replacement of lubricants this season, be sure to wash the residual oil from the engine and replace it with new ones. This is to prevent chemical deposits from accumulating in the engine.

  1. China's trailers, trailer wheel brakes, brake lights, turn signals, etc. are fully equipped and work with the tractor's brakes and light signals.

  2. Before driving, it should be checked and acknowledged that the towing equipment, brake air pipe and cable joint number are connected to the color, and the tire pressure is in compliance with the regulations.

  3. When the trailer is loading and unloading machinery, it should be stopped at a flat and solid place. The tire should be braked and wedged with triangular wood. When loading the vehicle, the orientation of the machine on the trailer board should be adjusted, and the load distribution to each axle is reasonable.

  4. The springboard of Chinese trailers should be solid. When loading and unloading crawler cranes, excavators and road rollers, the angle between the springboard and the ground should not be greater than 15°; the angle between loading and unloading crawler-type bulldozers and extension machines should not be greater than 25°. When loading and unloading vehicles, there should be skilled control personnel to operate, and should be unified by special personnel. The up and down movements should be smooth and the direction should not be adjusted on the springboard.

  5. For Chinese trailer-loaded crawler cranes, the boom should be shortened so that it does not exceed the height of the shed, and the jibs are not moved backwards. The speed should be reduced when the trailer turns.

  6. When the blade width of the bulldozer exceeds the width of the Chinese trailer, the blade should be removed before shipment.

  7. After the mechanical loading, the brakes should be braked, and the safe equipment should be locked. The track or wheel should be wedged and should be tied tightly.

  8. When using the on-board hoist to load and unload objects, there should be a special person command, the trailer should be braked, and the wheel should be wedged.

  9. China's trailer parking space should be solid and flat. When parked for a long time or parked overnight, the plate should be supported and the tire should not be under pressure.