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Column Style Of Livestock Fence Truck Trailer

Nov 28, 2020

Welded Type Column


This column is firmly welded to the side beam at the bottom of the carriage, and the box plates on both sides are tightly locked by the column through a lock. This column has good firmness, is not easy to loose, and is not easy to expand when fully loaded. This type is used in semi-trailers. The application is very extensive.

40tons fence cargo truck trailer1


Bolt Type Column


Bolt type column is fixed with the bottom side beam of the trailer through bolt connection. When encountering large goods, the bolts can be removed and the column can be removed for easy loading and unloading. However, the fixing strength of the bolts is limited, and there is a possibility of loosening and deformation and need regular maintenance.

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Movable Plug-In Column


The movable plug-in column is directly inserted into the slot reserved in the side beam in normal use, and is mostly used on the trailer with frequent column removal. Because of the transportation of goods, this type of column can be disassembled arbitrarily to facilitate loading and unloading of goods. However, because it is necessary to dig holes in the side beams, it will inevitably affect the strength of the steel, so an extra layer of steel plate is usually attached to the inner and outer sides for reinforcement during installation.

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Follow-Up Column


The internal structure of the follow-up column is slightly more complicated than other columns. A locking mechanism is added from the inner side of the column, and the column can be separated from the side beam or fixed together through the exposed switch. Under the premise that the lock switch is turned on, open the door handle on the left side, and the upright column can move with the right side door, and vice versa. If the lock switch is turned off and the left and right sides of the box doors are opened, the uprights and the side beams are fixed together firmly. Under the premise of having the advantages of movable columns, this type of column can also make the opening of the column more convenient and labor-saving.

40tons fence cargo truck trailer2 


Side Beam Externally Inserted Movable Column


The use of the side beam externally inserted movable column and the movable column are basically the same. The difference is that the slot of the column is outside the side beam, which basically does not affect the strength of the side beam. The capacity of the anti-swelling box will also be better than that of the movable column. However, the outer width of the carriage will be substantially wider, which affects the inner volume of the carriage. Therefore, this kind of column structure is generally used in export trailer models.

40tons fence cargo truck trailer3 

Temporary Column


Temporary columns are generally used on flat semi-trailers. The structure is the same as the movable insertion column. The style of the column is relatively simple. It is usually only used when pulling timber or cylindrical goods. It is basically not used when pulling general goods. Therefore, it is a temporary column, which is not allowed to appear when the vehicle is on the door.

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