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How can a tanker trailer determine the authenticity of a trailer tractor

Aug 30, 2018

  In the choice of the tractor, we must choose the real tractor, that is, the quality is guaranteed, trailer tractor tell you, this is because there are some bad manufacturers shoddy, resulting in the vehicle in driving problems, so the judgment of true and false has become a very important thing.

  1) look at the packaging of car accessories. The packaging of accessory manufacturers is generally relatively standardized, unified in specifications, clear and regularly printed.

  2) the color of some original parts with specified surface color, and other colors are fake and shoddy parts;

  3) look at the printing of raw materials and accessories, the formal appearance or type of the logo, and the fake products with rough appearance;

  4) see paint dealer will be used as a simple processing parts, such as disassembly, installation, fighting, gathering together, paint and other processing, and then posing as qualified to sell, illegal acquisition of high profit;

  5) the quality of raw materials is designed according to the design requirements. Qualified materials are used. Fake and inferior products are substitutes for cheap and inferior materials.

  6) although the process of looking at the appearance of products is sometimes good, it is easy to produce cracks, sand holes, slag inclusion, burrs or bruises due to poor process;

  These are very important things that the tractor-trailer tractor tells you, and only by paying attention to them can we guarantee the quality of the tractor we choose. Therefore, we hope you will not ignore these things.