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Knowledge of tow hooks for trailer parts

Aug 31, 2018

  We often see the towing a trailer parts coupling, also called trailer ball, after installation can pull small trailer, pull-type saloon car, also can match mounted after install some bike rack, luggage, etc., install the equipment, can increase the vehicle's cargo space, suitable for loading drive travel luggage or handling large goods, is very convenient. For friends who want to use a trailer hook to pull a small trailer, trailer trailer and other equipment, the most concerned is whether the relevant policies and regulations support this behavior. To this, everybody can rest assured absolutely, in our country "road traffic safety law of People's Republic of China implements bylaw" the 56 in regulation make clear, small car carrying a guest allows the trailer only or the trailer with total mass 700 kilograms of the following following. Trailers shall not be manned.

  From the perspective of laws and regulations, as long as the trailer lights, braking, safety protection and other devices meet national standards, and the total weight of the trailer does not exceed 700 kg, our general family car can be traction trailer or trailer trailer on the road. But one issue not mentioned in the above regulations is license plates. Family car pulling a trailer or trailer on the road, the combination of such vehicles should have two plates, hanging in the traction vehicle and trailer/rv respectively, here need to remind you, if there is no license plate trailer, the traffic police will cover plate, to 12 points penalty, the owner at the back of the car hanging rack may pay attention to this point.

  Also need to pay attention to the addition of a trailer hook ready to pull small trailer or trailer; In addition to the coupler, most family sedans also need to have their circuitry modified because the lights of small trailers and many trailers need a tractor to power them, including width and brake lights. Many shops require separate fees for circuit modifications. In fact, this kind of tractor hook is designed to adapt to most of the vehicle models of the load-bearing body, whether it is a hatchback car, a hatchback car or an SUV model, as long as your car is a load-bearing body, you can choose the special car type tractor hook. However, it needs to be reminded that, as the special car towing hook is an imported product, it can only be adapted to joint ventures or imported models. Most models of Chinese brands cannot be installed at present. In addition, due to the non-load-bearing body of the vehicle in the design, it has the ability to drag small trailers, trailers and other equipment, so you can not replace the rear anti-collision beam, just add a trailer hook can; If the owner is not assured, can also be connected with the rear anti - collision beam replacement.