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Low bed trailer improves handling at low speeds

Aug 24, 2018

  Low bed trailer, the trailer is characterized by reverse steering, the purpose is to improve the handling of light at low speed, four-wheel steering can reduce the vehicle at low speed turning radius. At low speeds, a low-bed tow vehicle can reduce the turning radius by up to 20% due to the reverse steering of the rear wheels. This makes large low bed trailers as maneuverable and agile as small vehicles. Improved vehicle trailer capability. Through the steering traction of the trailer by the steering rear axle, the four-wheel steering system greatly improves the maneuverability, stability and safety of the trailer. This technology is deeply loved by foreign enterprises.

  Serious shaking occurs in the operation of low-bed trailers, which not only affects the operation, but also causes safety accidents, so attention should be paid to it. Some people may feel the jitter is not big enough to ignore this problem, but it is best to check the relevant parts, to solve the problem to use safely.

  1, there are two kinds of high-speed pendulum, one is with the speed of the increase of the pendulum gradually strong. Second, when a certain high speed vehicle presents a shimmy and causes the steering wheel to vibrate, first set up the drive axle, plug the front wheel with safety plug block, start the low-bed trailer engine and gradually change to high gear, so that the driving wheel reaches the final test shimmy speed. If both the car body and the steering wheel appear to shake, it is the vibration caused by the transmission system, because the front axle of the front wheel is in a stop state. If the pendulum velocity reaches the final test and the low bed trailer does not vibrate, the reason for the vibration is that the front bridge part of the low bed trailer is faulty.

  2, check the low bed trailer front wheel positioning Angle and front beam is in line with the requirements, such as alignment should be adjusted.

  3. Set up the front axle of the low-bed trailer to test the wheel, check the static balance of the wheel and whether the tire is too deformed. If necessary, a good wheel can be replaced for comparison test.

  4, check the low bed trailer front axle, frame is not deformation, check whether the transmission shaft is tortuous, conditional should do the transmission shaft dynamic balance.

  5, check the low bed trailer front plate tension stiffness, shock absorber performance and tension bracket rivet is loose, performance should not be replaced.

  6. Check low bed trailer chassis is loose and loose, ball head is aging.