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Pay attention to fuel consumption and transmission needs when using Chinese trailers

Jul 17, 2018

  Regardless of whether the medium and high-class cars are old-fashioned, the principle is the same. It is necessary to maintain them regularly. Only when the maintenance is appropriate, can the life of the Chinese trailers be extended, and the use of peace of mind to stop the travel will bring hidden dangers to itself and others. The quiet and normal use of vehicles should pay attention to "three-point repair, seven-point maintenance." Obviously, this is to the consumer to establish the awareness of the Chinese trailer as usual to regulate tension.

  It is often the case that Chinese trailers often check tire pressure. It is necessary to let the tire pressure link within the range of scale values. If the tire pressure is too low, it will increase the fuel consumption of the vehicle. The tire pressure that meets the specified requirements can reduce the fuel consumption by 3.3 percentage points. It is necessary to change the Chinese trailer oil regularly, pay attention to washing the carbon deposits and the cleaning device, and exchange the spark plugs in real time. To refuel at the regular gas station, according to the compression ratio of the Chinese trailer, the fuel is selected according to the standard value. The high or low-numbered city causes the cylinder and nozzle to grow and shrink the service life.

  Even if you don't want to increase the power consumption of the car, you can deploy the equipment to avoid increasing the load on the generator. During the running-in period, it is necessary to stop the load, overspeed and low speed. Oil-saving driving practices can not only reduce fuel consumption, but also extend the life of the vehicle. Therefore, it is often necessary to learn to drive black and white accurately. Before starting the trip, you must know the road conditions and stop the lines of the car. Try to reduce the load on the Chinese trailer. Don't rush on the throttle, brake and accelerate. On the highway, even if you run at an economic rate, you should avoid low-speed high-speed driving. See the red light to collect oil early, use the measures that do not turn off the fire and stop the taxiing, and step on the brakes. Even in high gears, vehicles with manual transmissions should shift gears in real time after the vehicle speed is stable. Stop the idle speed of the eternal robbery.

  The transmission of the car is very important. Of course, the Chinese trailer we use is no exception. Only after maintenance and maintenance can we extend the service life of the Chinese trailer transmission. Let us introduce the matters needing attention in the Chinese trailer transmission.

  First, when the Chinese trailer moves forward, avoid changing to the reverse gear; similarly, when the Chinese trailer is sliding backwards, avoid changing to the forward gear, and must wait for the Chinese trailer to stop completely and then shift.

  Second, the Chinese trailer of the driver's gear, whether switching to high-speed or low-speed gear, should try to shift at the appropriate speed, to avoid the Chinese trailer suddenly slow down or shake between shifts. At the same time, remember that the clutch must be fully stepped on when shifting.

  three, When you stop on the slope due to red light or other reasons, you should use the brakes to stop the Chinese trailer. Never use the power of the engine to drag the Chinese trailer to prevent backward sliding. For example, some drivers prefer to use the method of half-pressing the clutch and half-stepping the throttle to prevent the car from retreating, but this will cause wear on the engine and transmission. Good operation methods play a big role in the service life of the vehicle, so the maintenance of the Chinese trailer during the running-in period is crucial.