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Teach you to minimize the fuel consumption of low bed trailers

Aug 17, 2018

  In the low-bed trailers, it is found that the current taxiing distance is significantly reduced. At this time, the low-bed trailer drivers should check whether the tire pressure of the trailer is in compliance with the air pressure standard. If the tire is under-inflated, the fuel consumption will increase. Check the wear level of the semi-trailer tires. If the tires wear seriously, it will often slip and increase the fuel consumption. During the semi-trailer driving or starting, the wheels are abnormally sounded. Netizens should check the bearing and brake system for faults in time. If the low-bed trailer wheel does not rotate properly, it will affect the speed of the car and increase fuel consumption.

  Clutch slippage will cause the engine's number of revolutions to be lost. When you are in rapid acceleration, you will find that the engine tachometer increases rapidly, but the speed increase is very slow. At this time, it can be judged that the clutch is slipping. When the car has been driven for two or three hundred thousand miles, there will usually be insufficient cylinder pressure, and the fuel consumption will increase significantly. When the exhaust pipe is exposed to black smoke and increased fuel consumption, it is necessary to check the carburetor.

  If the spark plug is used for too long, there will be an increase in fuel consumption. Because the spark plug damage will reduce the energy of the ignition, and the speed of the vehicle will slow down, resulting in a significant increase in oil consumption. When the temperature control switch and the thermostat are damaged, the fuel consumption increases. Because the temperature control switch and the thermostat are damaged, the water temperature is lowered, the carburetor cannot work normally, resulting in poor oil atomization and a significant increase in fuel consumption.