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The effect of trailer shock damping on trailer parts

Aug 29, 2018

  (1) damping reduces the resonance amplitude of the mechanical structure, so as to avoid structural damage caused by the limit of dynamic stress.

  (2) damping is helpful for the mechanical system to recover to a stable state quickly after being hit instantaneously.

  (3) damping reduces the sound radiation caused by mechanical vibration and reduces mechanical noise.

  (4) it can improve the machining accuracy, measuring accuracy and working accuracy of all kinds of machine tools and instruments. All kinds of machines, especially precision machine tools, work in a dynamic environment requires high seismic resistance and dynamic stability, through a variety of damping treatment can greatly improve its dynamic performance.

  (5) damping can help reduce the ability of structure to transmit vibration.

  Most of the ground gear shock absorbers are equipped with damping adjustment function, which was originally developed for the purpose of the race. The purpose is to make the shock absorber can be matched with springs with different K values, to increase the applicability of the shock absorber, and to fine-tune the damping and spring hardness of the shock absorber according to the driving habits and track characteristics of the car driver. What is more important is that the shock absorber can give full play to the best damping value and good shock absorption effect, and do not need to replace the spring, by changing the shock absorber of different valve design, to complete the change of damping, so that the shock absorber can quickly match the fast changing circuit.