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The second choice of Chinese trailer tires

Jul 16, 2018

  When the Chinese trailer is driving, if the tire speed overload reaches a certain level, when the vibration frequency caused by the external force of the tire is equal to the natural vibration frequency of the tire, the tire itself will resonate and generate a “standing wave”. In the event of a "standing wave" phenomenon, the annual car will violently shake and the tire will burst due to a sharp rise in temperature, which is the most dangerous. The principle of the second choice of China's trailer tires is that the load capacity of the tires is not high, and the front and rear axles must be considered.

  First, the tire's load capacity and speed grade are calculated based on the axle load to determine the tire's specifications, which relate to the performance and driving safety of the Chinese trailer. Secondly, according to the structural characteristics of the Chinese trailer, the road conditions and climate are determined to determine the structure of the tire and the tread pattern to meet the requirements of the Chinese trailer's passability, ride comfort, steering characteristics, and tire interchangeability and maintenance convenience. And estimate economics. Finally, consider other auxiliary requirements for the tire, such as the stability of the tire supply and China's trailer management issues.

  Secondly, when the twin tires are mounted on the same shaft, the old and new tires cannot be mixed. The new tires are large in diameter and the old tires are small in diameter. As a result, the new tires are seriously overloaded, the old tires are underloaded, and the old and new tires are unevenly worn. Otherwise, the adhesion of the tires on both sides of the same shaft will be different, so the braking force deviation of the tires on both sides is too large, and the brake deviation is likely to occur.