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What Is Axle Liftting System?

Nov 30, 2020

8 axles lowbed trailer

We may usually see that some of the tires of some trailers are lifted during the driving process and do not touch the ground. We will explain to you in this article why the trailer is designed in this way.

This design is generally referred to as axle lifting technology. It is briefly called "lifting axles". As the name implies, it represents the axle that can be lifted and lowered freely. After lifting, the wheel of the axle can be lifted off the ground. Since the early design, most of the lifting axles are driven axles, which generally have no driving function and only play the role of bearing. This design not only plays the role of lightweight and load-bearing, but also avoids the problem of transmission shaft layout. The role of lifting axle is obvious. It can play a load-bearing role when it is lowered under heavy load. When the trailer is lifted when it is empty, it can reduce driving resistance, reduce fuel consumption and reduce tire wear.

The so-called middle and rear are relative to the drive shaft and steering shaft. If the servo shaft or floating shaft is on the rear side, it is called the rear follow-up shaft or floating shaft, and if it is in front of the drive shaft, it is called the middle or front follow-up shaft / floating shaft.

At the beginning, the purpose of lifting axle was to reduce the pressure on the ground and maintain the stability after lengthening the wheelbase. Due to road restrictions and the slow development of the transportation industry, the lifting axle has not made rapid progress. With the rapid development of infrastructure and economy in recent years, the lifting bridge also shows its role in transport vehicles, and is widely accepted and used. Nowadays, there are many kinds of lifting bridges, including single wheel air bag lifting, double wheel air bag lifting, double wheel mechanical lifting, driving lifting, trailer whole axle lifting, etc.

Advantages Of Lifting Axles


1.Light weight. One of the advantages of air suspension is its light weight, which is much lighter than traditional leaf spring suspension. This is also an important factor for ordinary users to care about air suspension. At present, the weight of air suspension is lighter under the premise of heavy charges. The advantages are significant.


2.Stable driving. Compared with lightweight, vehicles using air suspension are more stable, which is more worthy of concern. The coefficient of elasticity of the air spring, which is the softness and hardness of the spring, is automatically adjusted according to the needs. When the vehicle is running at high speed, the air spring becomes hard to improve the stability of the vehicle. When encountering relatively poor road conditions, the air spring becomes soft and improves the comfort of the vehicle. degree. The adjustment of the air spring can also ensure a constant height of the carriage, which is beneficial to ensure the safety of the cargo.


3.It can be raised and lowered. The lift can be embodied in two aspects. One is that the axle can be lifted through the air suspension, which is beneficial to reduce tire wear and fuel economy, and is especially suitable for unilateral emptying.

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