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Extendable Low Bed Trailer

Extendable Low Bed Trailer


Extendable low-bed trailer is to design to meet the transportation of some long goods and other special goods.


Size(Before extendable):12000mm*2560mm*1520mm(customizable)

Size(After extendable):18000mm*2560mm*1520mm(customizable)


Brake System:Dual Lines Pneumatic Brak System, Parking brake; Big Chamber*6

What is a low-bed trailer --- Extendable low-bed trailer

Extendable low-bed trailer is to design the trailer to be in the form of drawable, in order to meet the transportation of some long goods.

Extendable low bed trailers_副本

The structure of the extendable low-bed trailer?

The extendable  low-bed trailer looks similar to a normal low-bed trailer before expansion. But there is still a difference from the ordinary low flat.

The entire working board of the  low-bed trailer will be shorter than the ordinary low plate.

Because the transportation of this special long cargo generally requires a large load capacity, the axis type  low-bed trailer is generally selected. For example, 3-wire 6-axis, 4-wire 8-axis, 5-wire 10-axis, etc.

In order to transport this extra-long special cargo, the designer will lower the working height of the  low-bed trailer work board from the ground so that the center of gravity can be lowered, so that it can be more stable when transporting extra-long cargo.


Cargoes that can be transported by extendable low-bed trailer?

Wind power blades, reaction vessels, wind power equipment, super long concrete pipes, bridges


If your business involves special large items, we hope this article can give you some new inspiration.

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