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16 Axles 200Tons Extendable|Modular Low Bed Trailer

16 Axles 200Tons Extendable|Modular Low Bed Trailer


Multi Axles 200Tons Modular Low Bed Trailer is a splicable modular flatbed trailer used to transport large cargoes that require concentrated loads.

Multi Axles 200Tons Extendable|Modular Low Bed Trailer

hydraullic heavy duty low bed trailer4

The biggest highlight of this trailer is modular splicing, each 4 lines 8 axles is a module, the bearing capacity of each module is about 120 tons, which can be spliced.

Equipped with hydraulic lifting traction seat, the engine provides hydraulic power to control the automatic lifting of traction pin. The model of traction pin is replaceable, which can match the tractor head with different height and different traction pin models. There is a tent on the top of the engine to protect the engine.

hydraulic low bed modular trailer

Hydraulic Landing Leg of Extendable modular low bed trailer

Hydraulic Landing leg system is based on electric hydraulic noise, small volume, good appearance and performance motor as the power supply. It has the characteristics of large support force, strong operability, high safety and low failure rate, and has been widely used in the field of special vehicles. The hydraulic outrigger can realize fast landing, strong bearing capacity and light self weight.

 hydraulic low bed modular trailer

The floating nut structure improves the lateral bearing capacity and reduces the damage during loading and unloading operation. Specially formulated grease ensures easy landing and reduces wear of parts.

hydraullic heavy duty low bed trailer1

Multi axles heavy duty low bed truck trailer 

Different joints of the trailer are fixed with specially designed bolts, which is simple to operate and firm to connect. It can transport super heavy goods that need concentrated load, and the bearing capacity is more than 100 tons.

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