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220Tons Lowbed Flatbed Trailer

220Tons Lowbed Flatbed Trailer


220Tons Lowbed Flatbed Trailer is a special super heavy trailer for large equipment, excavator and others.

220Tons Lowbed Flatbed Trailer Specification

Name: 220Tons Lowbed Flatbed Trailer

Capacity: 200tons - 240tons

Suspension: Air/Mechanical suspension

Ladder: Hydraulic/Mechanical ladder

16 axles low bed truck trailer1

220Tons Lowbed Flatbed Trailer adopts three axle balance type, two axle balance type or steel suspension, and there is a mass balance block between the front and rear leaf springs, which can make the deflection of the front and rear leaf springs change equally, and make the front and rear axle stress balanced, etc. the whole frame is welded under carbon dioxide gas protection; the whole frame is shot peened to make the vehicle more beautiful, firm and durable. The vehicle bridge is used to cross the girder, which effectively reduces the height of the loading platform from the ground. The increased carrying capacity of the trailer can load larger diameter objects. It is an ideal transport tool for super heavy goods and large diameter goods.

16 axles low bed truck trailer2

In addition to the tonnage of goods, the selection of engine also needs to consider the demand of transportation timeliness. For example, some customers of GreenCom require that the vehicle speed be between 90-100 km / h. at this time, the engine selected can reach the target speed within the economic speed range of the engine after combining the gearbox and the rear axle speed ratio, which can not only achieve the transportation efficiency, but also save gasoline.

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