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6 Axles Lowboy Trailer

6 Axles Lowboy Trailer


The 6 axle low boy trailer is suitable for medium and long-distance transportation of large construction machinery and some non-removable heavy goods.

Basic Information

Capacity: 80T--100T

Axles: 13tons/16tons*6

Fuction:Heavy duty machine

Color:Customer requirements

Suspension: Mechanical suspension/air suspension    6 axles lowboy trailer

   The gooseneck front and back equal-width movable platform has the characteristics of low bearing surface, wide platform, light weight, large load capacity, and efficient transportation. It is suitable for medium and long-distance transportation of construction machinery and some non-removable goods.


    The axle can use 13T/16T axle with self-adjusting arm, which can ensure that the wheel has a constant brake clearance, the brake is more reliable, in addition, the brake cylinder push rod stroke is short, the brake is fast and reliable, and can also keep all the wheels The same braking effect makes the vehicle more stable.

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    The suspension system uses a new type of suspension system, 4 pieces of 2 type reverse mounted leaf springs, the production process is welded by robots,quality assurance. It can be equipped with ABS of 4S-2M structure, with low pressure alarm function.   


    In addition, the load on each axis is balanced, and the angle design of the system tie rod is more reasonable, which can effectively reduce tire wear.


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