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80tons Low Bed Trailer

80tons Low Bed Trailer


heavy duty Low bed trailer for Transformers.

China 80tons Low Bed Trailer


Axles payload: 6*13tons


Brake system:Dual Line braking system/Optional ABS

What is Lowbed trailer/ low boy trailer?


Heavy loader lowbed trailer/low boy trailer is especially designed for very heavy large construction machines. The capacity is between 30tons -120tons.

80tons low bed trailer

The heavier of the capacity, the configuration is more better. Including the double middle plate,enforced gooseneck, enforced main beam. To ensure the maximum capacity of the low bed trailer/ lowboy trailer.

80tons low bed trailer1

How to find the most suitable low bed trailer/lowboy trailer for your business?
1. Confirm your regular shipment.
2.Does the cargo need concentrated load or dispersed load?
3.What material to choose for the low bed trailer/ lowboy trailer.

 80tons low bed trailer2

80tons Low Bed Trailer.pdf

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