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Extendable Lowbed Trailer

Extendable Lowbed Trailer


6 axles extendable trailer can be extended to 18m-20m. This kind of lowbed trailer can meet multiple modes of transportation for heavy duty machines or wind blade.

Extendable Lowbed Trailer

Axle Load:20T

Pay Load:80T-120tons

Material:High strength Steel Q345B

Tire:Triangle brand, 12R22.5 (12pcs)

Traction Pin: 2”(50mm)or 3.5”(90mm)traction pin

Multi axles 6 axle lowbed 100tons lowload trailer

extendable lowboy trailer

The trailer can be extended to 18m-22m, customized according to customer transportation needs.


Heavy duty lowboys are also used to transport heavy cargo. Due to the low center of gravity of the trailer, it can transport huge cargo and avoid damage to the cargo. 

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