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Low Bed Trailer Ramps

Low Bed Trailer Ramps


Trailers with hydraulic ramps are convenient and effective vehicle used for the transporting of self-operated machinery,such as excavator, forklift, boom lift and piling machine etc.


Low Bed Trailer Ramps

Dimensions (Lx W x H):13000x3000x1650mm (can be customized)

Painting:Sandblasted, anti-rust chassis surface is available with 1 layer of anticorrosive primer and 2 layers of top coats

Platform thickness:4.0mm thick chequer plate with supporting channel

What are the two different types of low bed trailer with  hydraulic ramps?

1. Low bed/lowboy trailer with end ramps

The ramp of the Low bed trailer/lowboy trailer is designed at the rear. When the mechanical equipment needs to be loaded, the rear ladder is dropped. The mechanical equipment can drive from the rear of the trailer to low bed trailer/lowboy trailer to complete the loading. Climbing can be designed by CIMC to different angles according to the needs of use to prevent the mechanical chassis from colliding with the trailer.

low loader trailer

2. Front ramps of low bed trailer/lowboy trailer

The front ramps type of  low bed trailer/lowboy trailer can be divided into detachable gooseneck low bed trailer and hydraulic automatic gooseneck  low bed trailer/lowboy trailer.

Detachable gooseneck  low bed trailer/lowboy trailer

Detachable gooseneck  low bed trailer/lowboy trailer means removing the gooseneck of the trailer when loading the large equipment, so that the construction machinery can drive from the front of the trailer to the trailer to complete the loading. The loading slope of this type of low bed trailer is more gentle, which can satisfy the transportation of machinery with lower chassis.

detachable gooseneck lowbed

After removing the gooseneck

detachable gooseneck lowboy

Hydraulic Gooseneck Low bed trailer/Lowboy trailer

The gooseneck of the lowbed trailer can be lowered close to the ground by a fully automatic hydraulic device, forming a gentle climb with the work plate, so that large machinery can be smoothly loaded on the low plate. Then use the hydraulic device to raise the gooseneck to a certain height. Then finish loading.

hydraulic gooseneck lowbed

The gooseneck descends to the ground, forming a climbing slope with the work plate

hydraulic gooseneck lowboy

Trailer demanders can choose front climbing or rear climbing according to their different types of low-bed trailers shown in this article.

If you are not sure what kind of low flatbed trailer is best for you, you can tell us what you need to transport and we will customize a transportation plan for you.

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