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Lowboy Trailer Dolly

Lowboy Trailer Dolly


Lowboy trailer dolly is an efficient auxiliary trailer, which is widely used for long beams and heavy goods.Steerable Dolly Trailer can reduce the turning radius and increase the carrying capacity

Lowboy Trailer Dolly is composed of a power gooseneck and a heavy-duty low-level trailer, which can greatly reduce the stress of the tractor and complete the transportation of super heavy goods.

Main performance parameters

Dolly trailer

(Take 2 lines and 4 axes as an example)

Model: 2line four-axes,

Single-axis weight: 3.5t ~ 4.1t

The length of working bed: 1.55m × number of axles

Axle load: 26 ~ 28t

Big lifting stroke: ± 0.21 ~ 0.325m

Cargo table width: 2.99 ~ 3.6 meters

Wheelbase: 1.55 ~ 1.6m

Low bed trailer

Model: 4 axles


Height from ground:800mm-1200mm

lowboy trailer dolly

Dolly Gooseneck

The Dolly gooseneck consists of a hinged connecting end beam and a gooseneck. There is a support cylinder between them. The goose neck applies the necessary saddle load to the tractor. The oil cylinder can adjust the center of gravity of the whole vehicle, and the steering oil cylinder makes the front and rear steering flexible. It is the connecting device of the axis flatbed truck and the tractor to form a semi-trailer flatbed truck.

Dolly gooseneck solves the difficulty of loading large cargoes caused by semi-trailers and full trailers (tow bar connection) to the users during the operation process, which must be counterweight, steering, reverse, and no cargo connection platform Plays an important role. Dolly goosenecks give axis flatbed trucks the advantages of a semi-trailer, but at the same time have their own characteristics.

Advantages: The load of the low bed trailer can be divided into the saddle of the tractor (five-wheel load), and the weight of the tractor is not required. The swing of the trailer is small, which can increase the speed of the vehicle.

Features: With ballast, it can change the load on the saddle. With steering, it can realize automatic steering and hydraulic power control steering driven by tractor.

Limitations: The axis cannot be too much (20 axes), which affects the adhesion of the tractor.

Gooseneck structure: The power gooseneck consists of traction pins, traction turntables, ballast cylinders, steering power take-off cylinders, steering adjustment cylinders, gooseneck support cylinders, accumulators, legs, connecting end beams, control components, etc.

low bed trailer

low bed trailer are mainly equipped with heavy-duty low-floor trucks with strong load-bearing capacity and can transport large cargoes, transformers, and rollers.

car trailer dolly

Heavy haul tow lowboy dolly 



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