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Cement Trailers Must Be Three Points To Repair Seven Points

Jul 31, 2018

  Whether it is a medium-high-speed car or an economical car, the principle is the same, and it needs to be maintained on time. Only when it is properly maintained, can the service life of the cement trailer be extended, and the use of peace of mind can be avoided to avoid unrest for yourself and others - all hidden dangers . Vehicle safety - all normal use should pay attention to "three-point repair, seven-point maintenance." Obviously, this is the consumer's awareness of the importance of daily maintenance of cement trailers.

  First of all, always check the tire pressure with a cement trailer. Keep the tire pressure within the standard value range. Low tire pressure will increase vehicle fuel consumption, and the tire pressure that meets the specified requirements can reduce fuel consumption by 3.3 percentage points. Regularly replace the cement trailer oil, pay attention to cleaning the carbon deposits and the cleaner, and replace the spark plugs in time. To refuel at a regular gas station, select the appropriate fuel according to the compression ratio of the cement trailer. If the label is high or low, the cylinder and injector will increase carbon and shorten the service life. Try not to increase the power consumption of the car, so as not to increase the load of the generator.

  Avoid running weight, overspeed and low speed during the running-in period. Fuel-saving articles Good driving habits not only reduce fuel consumption, but also extend the life of the vehicle. Therefore, learning to drive properly is very necessary. First, before going out, you should understand the road conditions and avoid more vehicles. If you want to reduce the load on the cement trailer as much as possible, avoid stepping on the throttle, sudden braking and rapid acceleration. Run the highway at an economic speed as far as possible, and avoid low-speed high-speed driving. See the red light to collect oil early, and use the method of not turning off the fire to stop the sliding, and less on the brakes. When driving as high as possible, the vehicle of the manual transmission should change the gear in time after the speed of the vehicle is stable. Avoid long idle speeds.