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Chinese Trailer Features

Jul 10, 2018

  Chinese trailers are used for heavy-duty transportation of industrial goods or transport of personnel. The characteristics of Chinese trailers are low in plate height and large in load. There is no danger of broken tires or punctures. Safe, simple and durable. The Chinese trailer itself has no power and requires a tractor or forklift for towing. A vehicle consisting of one or more flatbed trucks and a forklift or tractor is usually used for the plane transport of goods or the handling of large equipment. Chinese trailers are widely used in airports, ports, railway stations, factories and large warehouses, greatly improving the efficiency of cargo transfer and reducing the cost of forklifts and manpower.

  Chinese trailers are an important tool for modern logistics. The use of Chinese trailers is the most effective and simple means of improving economic efficiency. It has the advantages of high load-bearing capacity and high efficiency. China's trailers use high-elastic solid tires, which can enhance the load-bearing capacity of the trailer and improve the service life. The use of air tires can reduce the damage caused by bumps on the road during driving; the use of press-fit tires is enhanced due to the low tire height. The stability of the vehicle and the bearing capacity of the trailer. Especially suitable for the handling of large molds.

  The Chinese trailer adopts double suspension structure, suspended frame and automatic swing adjustment of the axle to ensure the level of the car body and the balance of the tire. Improve safety during transportation. The pin material of the joint is made of alloy steel and treated by special process to improve the service life. The Chinese trailer adopts the form of a double-track machine slewing mechanism, and the performance is more stable. The traction faucet can be adjusted up and down, and the traction heads of different tonnages or forklifts can be simply adjusted.