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Chinese Trailer Maintenance Method

Jul 09, 2018

  With the development of society and the development of science and technology, in the current production and life, Chinese trailers are mostly used to carry heavy loads. The rational application of Chinese trailers can greatly reduce the waste of manpower and form a good industrial production cycle. So do you know about the small knowledge of Chinese trailers? Let's take a look at the small knowledge about Chinese trailers.

  The trackless Chinese trailer, that is, the flatbed transporter without track, the main difference between it and the track flat car is that the trackless flat car adopts a solid rubberized wheel, which has strong bearing capacity and different wheel diameters according to the size of the load tonnage. The steering mechanism will be configured. Trackless Chinese trailers can travel freely on the ground level or even turn in place, or set up a fixed route according to customer requirements. Compared with other ground-moving trucks, the trolleyless flat car has a smaller volume bearing capacity, a lower trolley height, and is convenient for loading and unloading, and is more suitable for material transfer in the workshop. However, the trackless flat car has certain requirements on the ground due to its bearing capacity. The load can be used within 30T, and the ordinary cement floor can be used. If it exceeds 30T, the ground needs to be tempered or laid with high-strength bearing materials such as steel plates. Therefore, when purchasing a trolleyless flat car, customers should consider the conditions of use and choose the best flat car for themselves.

  1. Under normal circumstances, the better maintenance for Chinese trailers is to maintain the turntable once every six months, that is, to add butter to the grease fittings on the turntable;

  2. It is recommended that the wheel hubs are not regularly tightened and are not regularly cleaned with water;

  3, the general Chinese trailer with brakes need to add brake oil from time to time;

  4. For Chinese trailers with outriggers, it is recommended that the oil and sediment of the screw on the outriggers be removed from time to time;

  5. It is recommended that we place it in a room that can be protected from rain and dust when it is not working for a long time, or cover it with a shed cloth, otherwise it will be damaged quickly.

  6. Please connect the connector before using the Chinese trailer. If the connector is not used, the connecting rod of the traction frame of the flatbed will be directly pulled off, causing unnecessary trouble and causing inconvenience to you.

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