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Container Trailer Chassis Maintenance Method

Jul 27, 2018

  Because the container trailer has a relatively large load capacity, everyone tends to pay more attention to the maintenance of the tire and the entire frame during maintenance, and neglects a very important position, that is, the maintenance of the container trailer chassis. Because the trailer chassis is at the bottom, people usually don't notice it, and its maintenance will be ignored.

  1. The container trailer chassis is cleaned and scrubbed regularly. The container trailer chassis is a part of the flatbed trailer components that is very close to the ground. During the driving process, it often falls into the sand, causing the flatbed trailer chassis to be covered with sediment and garbage. D. These contaminants will enter the flatbed trailer chassis, causing contamination of components such as the flatbed trailer chassis transmission system, resulting in increased friction between the parts, accelerating the loss of parts and components, and shortening the service life of the flatbed trailers. In snowy weather, the composition of the rain and snow may corrode parts of the chassis to some extent. Therefore, we need to regularly flush the chassis of the container trailer, and thoroughly clean the chassis frame, steering arm, steering tie rod, rotating shaft, tire fender and other positions after the rain and snow weather to prevent the above components from appearing. Corrosion.

  2. The chassis is sealed for the container trailer. The chassis sealing is mainly used for acid and alkali corrosion. It can prevent the harmful substances from attacking the flatbed trailer chassis. It is good for any model and the price is about several hundred yuan.

  3. During the normal driving process of the container trailer, there will be no abnormal noise, and when there is a problem with the chassis, there will be abnormal and huge sounds. At this time, the operation and control of the flatbed trailer will also be inconvenient. During the operation of the container trailer, the operation of the above components was analyzed, and the problems were found to be repaired in time by the repair shop.

  4. If there is too much mud on the chassis of the container trailer, wash it with oil-cleaning detergent to expose the original color of the chassis, so that rust-proof care can begin. The rust prevention is done, and the chassis of the flatbed trailer can be well protected.