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Congratulations On The Grand Opening Of The 15th China (Liangshan) Special Purpose Vehicle Exhibition

Sep 17, 2019


The 15th China (Liangshan) Special Purpose Vehicle Exhibition kicked off at the Liangshan International Convention and Exhibition Center. International brands of tractors, municipal sanitation, engineering operations and other special-purpose vehicles, so that domestic and foreign visitors can be satisfied.

The overall exhibition area of this exhibition is 120,000 square meters. Among them, the dedicated vehicle display area is 70,000 square meters, and the parts display area is 50,000 square meters. The exhibition hall N1 is a domestic and international special-purpose automobile brand pavilion covering seven series of international brand tractors, municipal sanitation, transportation, engineering operations, motorhomes, emergency firefighting and special-purpose special vehicles, including explosion-proof armored vehicles. High-end road maintenance vehicles, prefabricated transport vehicles, power vehicles, fire trucks and other high-end models at home and abroad. It is worth noting that this year, the organizing committee and the German Automobile Industry Association carried out in-depth cooperation for the first time, introducing famous European companies such as Schmitz and international audiences to participate in the exhibition, relying on Germany's century-old automobile heritage to create a new engine of “Made in China”.


 N2 Hall is a special brand brand building of “Liangshan Manufacturing”. In 2019, new technologies, new varieties and high value-added special vehicles are newly unveiled. Refrigerated vehicles, American trailers, lightweight vans, semi-trailed concrete mixers. All the high-quality models with high integration and high technical content are exhibited at the exhibition; N3 is a domestic and international parts brand pavilion, Germany BPW, France Total Group and other internationally renowned companies exhibiting, Guangdong Fuhua and other well-known domestic enterprises to participate; N4 Pavilion For the “Liangshan Manufacturing” parts brand pavilion, in addition to representative companies, there are also emerging companies such as financial insurance, maintenance testing, and “Internet +” to showcase a more complete dedicated automobile industry chain. In the front square of the exhibition center and the North Square, some “big heads” tightly attracted the attention of the visitors. Among them, the most advanced folding arm crane trucks in China are here. In addition, there are new energy special vehicle exhibition areas, brand exhibition areas outside the county, as well as intelligent equipment, industrial automation exhibition areas, axles, steel rings, tire parts exhibition areas, etc., to showcase the development status of China's special vehicles. On the same day, it also held the "2019 China (Liangshan) Special Purpose Vehicle Industry Development Summit Forum", "Science and Technology Achievements Promotion of Colleges and Universities and Various New Product Launch Conferences", "Loyalty, Loyalty and Win-win Cooperation" - Investment Environment Briefing and Key Investment Projects, Logistics Enterprises to investigate docking activities, new product launches and other activities.