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How To Prevent Static Electricity From Low Bed Trailers

Aug 07, 2018

  The most effective way to prevent static electricity from low-bed trailers is to wash the car several times. In addition, ensuring the body's own "humidity" can also effectively prevent static electricity.

  1. Waxing is one of the effective methods of anti-static. Use a special wax fence to clean the floating dust and oil film on the surface of the low bed trailer. Anti-static special car wax can be selected when waxing.

  2. Reduce the use of chemical fiber decorations inside and outside the car

  3. Before driving the door, you can use the key to contact the metal part of the low-bed trailer for discharge, but don't use the car key, because the car key has an anti-theft chip inside. After the car key is discharged for a period of time, the car key will lose the anti-theft function. It is easy to discharge with other ordinary keys that you carry with you.

  4. Put a wet towel on the instrument panel of the low bed trailer, or spray the water in the car regularly with a sprayer to increase the humidity inside the car and reduce the static electricity generated in the car.

  5. Use an electrostatic discharger. The electrostatic discharge devices on the market have air electrostatic dischargers and chain dischargers, and the effects are good.

  6. Use less chemical fiber supplies. Chemical fiber clothing is easy to carry static electricity, and away from chemical fiber products can reduce many opportunities for electric shock.

  7. Rub moisturizer, drink plenty of water, and maintain the moisture on the surface of the skin. Static electricity is less likely to occur in wet conditions, and moisturizing creams can also moisturize the skin.

  8. When getting off the vehicle, the door glass of the trolley can effectively prevent static electricity, and pushing the metal frame is easier to be "electricized".