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Impact Of Trailer Parts On Overall Vehicle Performance

Aug 06, 2018

  With the rapid development of the country's economy for many years, especially the country's investment in infrastructure construction has increased year by year, the production of cargo trailer parts has exploded in the past few years. Heavy-duty truck trailer parts have become the darling of road transport due to their high transportation efficiency and transportation cost. In 2004, the heavy truck market was 353,000, and the medium truck market was 201,000. The proportion of heavy trucks in the overall market was about 60%. The production and development of heavy-duty trailer parts became the focus of competition for domestic trailer parts manufacturers. .

  The advancement of trailer parts technology and the further improvement of people's living standards have made the users of cargo trailer parts more and more demanding on the performance level of vehicles, and the increasing competition pressure has shortened the product development cycle of vehicle manufacturers. How to make the design of all aspects of vehicle development fully analyzed and screened, so that its performance can be effectively controlled to ensure the development of superior trailer parts products within a limited period. It has become the research and development department of heavy-duty truck trailer parts. Important topics of concern.

  The cargo trailer parts are complex systems that are organically combined by systems, assemblies, and components. The overall performance of the system is the vehicle performance of the trailer parts. The performance of each system, assembly, and components that make up the trailer parts and their reasonable matching with each other have a decisive influence on the performance of the vehicle. For each performance, the effects of the parameters and performance of each system, assembly, and component are different. Conversely, the parameters and performance of each system, assembly or component have different effects on different vehicle performance, and sometimes even contradict each other. For this reason, in the development stage of the product, it is a very important and complicated problem to realize the matching of the parameters of the trailer parts and the various systems and assembly parameters. Heavy-duty truck trailer parts have some notable features compared to other vehicles. To ensure good performance of heavy-duty truck trailer parts, these characteristics and the problems caused by them must be specifically studied and controlled.