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Low Bed Trailer Tires During The Upgrade Process

Jul 24, 2018

  Many owners of low-bed trailers now upgrade their tires to better transport the goods and ensure driver comfort. The upgrade of the tire mainly includes two aspects. First, the upgrade of the quality is to select the tire with the same specifications but higher grade and better performance. The second is the upgrade of the specification, which is to upgrade the specifications of the tire. For example, the widening of the tread and so on. However, the upgrade of the tires is not suitable for every low-bed trailer. There are different situations for different low-bed trailers, so some factors must be considered when upgrading.

  1. Make sure that your low-bed trailer is suitable and needs to be upgraded. Some low-bed trailers such as van low-bed trailers and warehouse low-bed trailers are not necessary because the power output is limited and the engine cannot supply enough power, but the tires are upgraded blindly at this time. This will not only help the driving of the low-bed trailer, but also has a bad effect on the low-bed trailer if the upgrade is improper.

  2. After the upgrade of the low-bed trailer tires, the dynamic balance of the tires should be re-set. Because the specification and performance of the tire have changed after the upgrade, the original dynamic balance can no longer meet the needs of the original low-bed trailer, so the dynamic balance of the tire should be re-set.

  3. After the tire upgrade is completed, low-bed trailers such as container low-bed trailers are mainly driven by themselves to feel the comfort and performance of the low-bed trailer. If any inappropriate places are found, timely adjustments should be made. Do not directly enter the highway, you must carry out the transportation after the trial on the ordinary road, if you find no problem.