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Low Bed Trailer Troubleshooting And Maintenance

Jul 25, 2018

  Because of the high efficiency of transportation and the low cost of manufacturing, low-bed trailers are widely used and used more and more. However, there may be a failure when using it, so how to eliminate it after a failure? If the clutch pedal of the low-bed trailer opens the brake switch and the starting gear is still difficult to hang, this indicates that the clutch brake system is faulty, and the brake air passage can be viewed at this time. Check the air pipe joint. If the air scavenging is not smooth, it is a problem of the brake switch. It can be replaced. If the exhaust air is smooth, you can disassemble the clutch brake cylinder to check if there is any air leakage. If it is leaking, change the 0-ring. If the piston is worn out, the piston needs to be replaced. In use, it is found that the low-bed trailer is difficult to change gears. You can view the shift lever from a long distance. If it is difficult to lock the gear, adjust the screw on the gearbox to adjust it to the proper position.

  Low-bed trailers are very important as a means of transportation and have great advantages. Not simple and efficient, how do you maintain it when using a low bed trailer? Let's take a look at it.

  1. Before the diesel engine stops, turn idle for three to five minutes, listen to the operation of the supercharger, if there is an abnormality, you need to stop to view.

  2. If after 500 hours of work, check the shaft of the supercharger, remove the dust on the blades, etc., and remove it and then remove it.

  3. The nut on the supercharger cannot be removed and is easily damaged.

  4. Do not damage the removed parts, otherwise it will affect the balance of the turbine.

  5. The connection between the supercharger and the exhaust pipe must not leak.

  6. If it is a new machine, be sure to fill the cleaning oil before starting.