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Signs Of Failure Of Trailer Parts

Aug 03, 2018

  The abnormal sound of the trailer parts during driving is an "alarm" for the failure of the trailer parts. Sudden noise is emitted during the running of the trailer parts. As a trailer part, the driver should be aware that there is a problem with the trailer parts. Stop the vehicle immediately and do not let the trailer parts “carry the sick”. Usually found on trailer parts engines, transmissions, transaxle final drives, differentials and brakes. For example, the engine parts of the trailer parts are overheated, mostly because of cooling system problems, lack of coolant or pump does not work; trailer parts transmission and drive axle are overheated, mostly due to lack of lubricating oil; trailer parts brakes are overheated, mostly brake shoes Caused by not returning.

  The above phenomenon can sometimes be directly reflected by the warning light of the instrument panel. The driver of the trailer part needs to pay attention to the observation while driving, and can also test the external temperature by hand. Trailer Parts During the operation of the engine, the main components of normal combustion products should be carbon dioxide and a small amount of water vapor. If the trailer part engine burns abnormally, the exhaust gas will be mixed with incompletely burned carbon particles, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and a large amount of water vapor. In addition, there are also nitrogen oxides, etc., at which time the color of the exhaust gas may turn black, blue or white, which means that the exhaust parts of the trailer parts are not normal.

  For gasoline engines, normal exhaust should have no visible fumes. However, when the lubricating oil is on the cylinder, the exhaust gas is blue; when the combustion is not complete, the exhaust gas is black, and when the oil is mixed with water, the exhaust gas is white.