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Some Minor Scratches Or Rust That Have Appeared On The Chinese Trailer Body

Aug 10, 2018

  For some slight scratches or rust that have appeared in Chinese trailers, if the sanitation workers are easy to rust, they are not worth the money to go to the car beauty shop. Then, the sanitation worker can handle the punishment with some light essentials.

Refinishing pen can handle small scratches on Chinese trailers

  If the rust is not very tight, you can use a very fine water sandpaper to gently rub the rust spots, but avoid grinding in an unbiased way. After completely wiping, apply a primer. If a new scratch is applied, it can be cleaned and applied directly to the primer. After that, if the wrecker is equipped with a small can of original paint, you can wait until the primer is dry, then smooth it with water sandpaper and apply the original paint on top of the primer. If there is no original paint, you can buy a touch up pen and use a touch up pen to hold the color treatment. Although such a treatment does not go to the beauty shop to deal with the punishment results, but if it is a small scar that may not be eye-catching, it can also play a role in guarding the expansion and aggravation of rust.

Apply toothpaste to temporarily help Chinese trailers rust

  Another is to use ordinary toothpaste to deal with punishment. When inventing new small scars, gently apply the toothpaste to the scratches. After raining or washing the car, don't forget to paint it again. This is the same as usual to reduce the scratch mark, but also can be used for isolation, guard against rust, and no problem in the short term. Especially the wrecker with white paint, the result is the most obvious, but this is not a long-term plan, only emergency, the best pace is still a small flaw with a touch up pen, the bulk of the best to open to the professional maintenance point paint.