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The 128th Canton Fair Ended Successfully On October 24 At The Cloud Side!

Oct 24, 2020

The 128th Canton Fair ended successfully at the "cloud" side on October 24. Xu Bing, spokesperson of the Canton Fair and deputy director of the China Foreign Trade Center, introduced the overall operation of the Canton Fair.

Xu Bing said that this session of the Canton Fair is guided by Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, in-depth implementation of the State Council’s decisions and deployments, under the strong leadership of the Ministry of Commerce and the People’s Government of Guangdong Province, under the concerted efforts of relevant central ministries and commissions, and local commerce departments. With the strong support of foreign agencies and the joint efforts of all participants, the overall operation is stable and the expected results are achieved.

Xu Bing said that at present, the new crown pneumonia epidemic is still spreading globally and the world economy is in serious decline. All countries are facing the arduous task of fighting the epidemic, stabilizing growth, and protecting people's livelihood. The 128th Canton Fair held on the Internet has not only made due contributions to stabilizing the fundamentals of foreign trade and foreign investment, but also demonstrated that China has taken practical actions to maintain the smooth operation of the international industrial chain and supply chain and inject new impetus to the global economic and trade recovery. .

Xu Bing introduced that the overall operation of the cloud platform of the Canton Fair was stable. The official website of the Canton Fair has columns for exhibitors and exhibits, supply and sourcing docking, virtual exhibition halls, exhibitor live broadcasts, news and events, conference services, cross-border e-commerce areas, etc., integrating functions such as all-weather online display, marketing promotion, supply and sourcing docking, and online negotiation. As a whole, it has built a trade bridge that breaks through time and space restrictions for global merchants. As of October 24, the Canton Fair's official website had accumulated 51.17 million visits. This year's Canton Fair has stronger functions, better services, and better experience. The official website platform has been upgraded and improved from simplifying registration, optimizing search, enhancing interaction, promoting docking, and intelligent services, and using online means to restore offline business exchanges. Scene. The scale and quality of exhibits have improved, purchasers can register for the exhibition more conveniently, and the exchanges between suppliers and purchasers have been smoother, and the goal of "getting in, finding and talking" has been better realized. Exhibitors and buyers have Like applaud. Since the launch of the official website platform, the overall operation has been stable, with strong network security guarantees, and no major network information security incidents have occurred.

The emergence of new products and technologies is accelerating. Nearly 26,000 exhibitors exhibited on the same stage, and products of design innovation, function innovation, process innovation, and material innovation abound. The breath of "new" theory and "new" promotion of transformation can be seen everywhere. It fully demonstrates the active transformation of Chinese foreign trade companies in insisting on high-quality development and actively upgrading. Exhibitors have uploaded more than 2.47 million exhibits, an increase of 350,000 over the previous year. Judging from the reporting status of enterprises, there were 730,000 new products, an increase of 130,000 over the previous session; 100,000 smart products, an increase of 20,000 over the previous session; and the number of "three-self-one-high" products continued to increase. Among them, 346 overseas companies from 30 countries and regions uploaded more than 8,500 exhibits. The dazzling array of exhibits attracted global buyers to "surf" the exhibition. The total number of visits to the cloud exhibition hall of exhibitors was 7,892,600, of which the total number of visits to the cloud exhibition hall of the export exhibition exhibitors was 7,826,400, and the total number of visits to the cloud exhibition hall of the international exhibition exhibitors was 66,200. Times.

Help enterprises accelerate digital transformation. With the help of new technologies such as the Internet, big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, this year's Canton Fair supports enterprises to "touch the net" participation in the form of graphics, video, 3D, and VR. Optimized the sorting rules of the live broadcast hall to guide exhibitors to improve their live broadcast level. Companies have made full preparations in terms of live broadcast equipment, live broadcast lineup, live broadcast language, live broadcast products, and time schedule, etc., and formulated personalized live broadcast plans for different markets, with a total of 28.48 live broadcasts. 10,000 times, a total of 1,893,900 people watched. This year's Canton Fair provides virtual pavilions classified by professional themes, and centrally displays corporate VR booths, providing buyers with an immersive viewing experience. A total of 2,046 exhibiting companies have produced and uploaded VR booths, with 163,200 visits.

Accurate and efficient docking between supply and procurement parties. This year's Canton Fair has optimized the supply and procurement docking process, simplified the way of distributing intended orders, and increased proactive contact channels for exhibitors under intended orders to promote the supply and procurement docking. Message reminders are added to help exhibitors grasp business opportunities in time. The newly-added electronic business card function is convenient and practical and has become an important channel for enterprises to obtain and accumulate buyer information. Users have issued a total of 186,800 electronic business cards through the official website platform.

Exhibition activities enhance the value of participation. This year's Canton Fair successfully held a series of high-level and high-quality supporting activities, which enriched the connotation of the exhibition and enhanced the value of participation. Held 38 buyer "cloud promotion" and "cloud docking" events in 37 countries and regions around the world, with the Alexandria Entrepreneurs Association of Egypt, the Lebanese Zahle and Bekanon Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Nigeria, and Tanzanian private companies Six industrial and commercial organizations, including the Foundation, the Minsk Branch of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Tajikistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry held "Cloud Signing", further expanding the "Circle of Friends" of the Canton Fair. The first Canton Fair dual-cycle promotion event was successfully held, which helped foreign trade companies to open up the domestic market. Many companies said they had gained a lot. 105 high-quality brand companies from 23 trading groups (sub-groups) held 120 new product launch events. The number of participating companies increased by 80% over the previous year and the number of events increased by 100%. The 2020 Canton Fair Export Product Design Award (CF Award) final evaluation meeting was held. A total of 1966 products from 932 companies participated in the evaluation. The number of participating companies and products increased by 27% and 35% year-on-year. Finally, 91 companies were selected. 131 products. The Canton Fair Product Design and Trade Promotion Center (PDC) has a total of nearly 80 design institutions from 10 countries and regions participating, and the number of exhibitors has increased by 73%. Through online and offline integration, design exhibitions, design forums, and trade clouds are held. Series of activities such as docking, Canton Fair Fashion Week offline fashion hottest LIVE show. Co-organized financing matchmaking activities with the Bank of China to solve financing problems for small and medium-sized exhibitors and strongly support the operation and development of enterprises.

Complete supporting services are in place. This session of the Canton Fair established a new model of online and offline complaint handling, and high standards have strengthened the protection of intellectual property rights. A total of 136 companies have been complained about intellectual property rights, and one company was finally determined to be suspected of infringement. Eight financial institutions in the financial service zone customized exclusive financial products for exhibitors. The financial zone has a total of 95,588 visits, a total of 1,288 loans issued, and a total of 80,939 settlement transactions. Continue to provide customs services, adding logistics, inspection, certification and other resident business services. Continue to set up cross-border e-commerce special areas, hold synchronized activities with the theme of "Synchronize Canton Fair, Globally Enjoy Business Opportunities", and 105 cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test areas will focus on showing their image to the world; with Made-in-China.com, Dunhuang.com, Yidan.com, The four cross-border e-commerce platforms of GlobalChemNet established links to expand the scope of beneficiary companies. The multimedia all-weather omni-channel customer service system of "AI intelligent customer service + online manual + multilingual" was enabled to provide customers with intelligent and efficient services. The call pickup rate and online customer service pickup rate increased by 71.31 and 34.26 percentage points respectively compared with the previous session.

Help build a new development pattern. This year's Canton Fair took multiple measures to promote the docking of domestic and foreign trade. Exploring the domestic trade highlights of exhibitors, multi-channel and all-round investment promotion, and accurately reaching domestic high-quality purchasing enterprises. For exhibitors with domestic trade intentions, the Cloud Showroom will mark the "Domestic Sale" label for over a million exhibits, and support one-click screening and quick positioning. The first "Domestic and International Dual Cycle, Driven by Both Domestic and Foreign Trade" was held online and offline, attracting about 100 representatives of purchasing groups and more than 40 exhibitors. Intensify the invitation of domestic buyers. A total of 13,700 domestic buyers registered to visit the exhibition. Domestic buyers have initiated 57,800 instant communications with exhibitors and reached 1,025 intention orders.

The results of the event met expectations. This year's Canton Fair has built a safe and reliable exchange and cooperation platform for global buyers. Although the epidemic has not yet seen an inflection point, it is difficult to hinder the enthusiasm of overseas buyers for economic and trade cooperation with my country. A total of buyers from 226 countries and regions have registered to visit the exhibition, and the source of buyers has reached a new high, and the distribution has maintained the characteristics of diversification and globalization. Overseas buyers said that the upgraded Canton Fair online platform has brought a better user experience, not only can browse more new products, get in touch with new technologies, and understand new trends, but also have more convenient interactive communication and reach high-quality suppliers efficiently and accurately. Groups, and even go directly to the production workshop, provide convenience for one-stop negotiation and purchase of required products. Foreign trade companies stated that they have effectively showcased their products and image through the "Telenet" exhibition, maintained relationships with old customers, and met many new customers, especially buyers from emerging markets represented by the "Belt and Road". The customer structure is more balanced and the market layout is more reasonable. The Canton Fair this year provides Chinese and foreign companies with current scarce communication channels and platform resources, helps companies get through production and sales jams, and obtains urgently needed orders, which effectively boosts corporate confidence and stabilizes market expectations.

Xu Bing said that domestic and foreign news media carefully planned to conduct in-depth interviews and reports on the Canton Fair from different angles, tell the story of the Canton Fair to the world in a special period, and convey the voice of the Canton Fair, creating a positive atmosphere of public opinion for the smooth holding of the Canton Fair. 

Looking forward to gathering again at the 129th Canton Fair!

(Article from the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China)