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The 16th China (Liangshan) Special Purpose Vehicle Exhibition In 2020 Will Be Held At Liangshan International Convention And Exhibition Center From September 17 To 19!

Sep 16, 2020


After nearly 30 years of development, the special-purpose vehicle industry in Liangshan County, Shandong has formed an industrial cluster integrating R&D, production, testing, sales, logistics, and second-hand vehicle transactions, and has become one of the largest special-purpose vehicle industrial clusters in the country. . It has been named "China Special Purpose Vehicle Industry Base", "China Used Commercial Vehicle Trading Base", "National Product Quality Improvement Demonstration Zone Construction Unit", "National Industrial Cluster Regional Brand Building Pilot Area", "National Torch Special Vehicle Industry Base" Base", "Provincial Export Quality and Safety Demonstration Zone for Special Automobiles and Parts Export".

A total of 133 special-purpose vehicle companies in the county have entered the national announcement catalog, forming an annual production capacity of 350,000 special-purpose vehicles. The products have covered transportation, municipal, engineering and various special-purpose vehicles, totaling 1,400 varieties , More than 3600 models. The county has grown to more than 380 parts production enterprises, forming an annual production capacity of 17 million pieces (sets) of auto parts, with a local matching rate of 60%, and supplying the national market and exporting to the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

Relying on its industrial advantages, Liangshan County has successfully held the 15th China (Liangshan) Special Purpose Vehicle Exhibition from 2005 to 2019, which is the largest national exhibition in the national special purpose vehicle industry hosted by the China Automobile Manufacturers Association. The 16th China (Liangshan) Special Purpose Vehicle Exhibition in 2020 will be held at Liangshan International Convention and Exhibition Center from September 17 to 19. Through the holding of the auto show, give full play to the influence and radiating leading role of the national special-purpose vehicle industry base, and promote the exchanges and cooperation between domestic and foreign special-purpose vehicle manufacturers, parts manufacturers, auto trade companies and related industries.