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The 5th Guangzhou International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition Held In November!

Nov 19, 2020

The 5th Guangzhou international commercial vehicle exhibition will be held at the exhibition hall of China Import and Export Fair in Pazhou, Guangzhou from November 20 to 23. This exhibition will become one of the few professional commercial vehicle exhibitions held in China and even in the world after the epidemic. It will be an important platform for the release, display, exchange and trading of commercial vehicle industry at home and abroad. The exhibition was held in the same place as the 16th Guangzhou International Auto Show.


The epidemic situation of Xinguan has brought great impact to China's commercial vehicle industry, and also brought impetus and opportunities for development. The advantages of commercial vehicle enterprises, especially the head enterprises, are stimulated. The industrial chain extends to key areas and the layout is further accelerated. The changes of the industry competition pattern are intensified, and the strong ones are always strong. Under the dual promotion of investment and policy, the growth rate of logistics, traction and engineering vehicles is rapid, and the annual production and sales are relatively optimistic.

In this auto show, the trend of accelerating the development of new energy, intelligence and networking will be fully reflected. Chassis, logistics vehicles, engineering special vehicles, RV, bus and so on will become the main players. This exhibition will become an important stage for enterprises to release new cars, new technologies and new strategies this year.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, we have paid close attention to the development and changes of the commercial vehicle and logistics industry and enterprises. With the strong support of enterprises, media and partners, we have focused on the new models, new developments and new demands of commercial vehicle and logistics enterprises in terms of marketing, brand promotion, industrial chain layout, etc., and made a quantitative analysis on the reports of professional media This year's Guangzhou international commercial vehicle exhibition will make innovations and attempts in form and content.

"Online and offline linkage" is a formal attempt of this year's Guangzhou International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition. Based on the characteristics of the commercial vehicle industry and the needs of enterprises, this exhibition will continue to expand the coverage of online communication on the basis of the previous focus on new media communication and promotion, strive to diversify the communication channels and make the communication means more pragmatic and efficient, so as to meet the different needs of exhibitors.

During the exhibition, rich concurrent activities, as an important part of the exhibition, will focus on the new pattern, new changes and new technologies, focus on the industrial structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading, pay attention to the intelligent network connection technology to reshape the industrial layout, pay attention to the new trend of the industrial chain extension of the commercial vehicle industry, and deeply explore the opportunities and challenges of the commercial vehicle industry in promoting the transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry and participating in the new infrastructure construction 。

At the same time, exhibitors will also hold brand, strategy, product release and user evaluation activities. These activities will attract more professionals and professional visitors to visit the exhibition and build a diversified communication platform for exhibitors, professional visitors and media.

The Guangzhou international commercial vehicle exhibition covers an area of 20000 square meters, using 12.2 and 13.2 halls in area B of China Import and export commodity trade exhibition hall. More than 40 professional media and 2000 mass media at home and abroad will be invited, with a total of more than 9000 journalists to cover the meeting.

We hope that this exhibition will become a professional conference to gather the spirit of innovation and establish the confidence of the industry; it will become a full coverage platform to show new technologies, new ideas and new trends; it will become a brainstorming gathering the wisdom of people in the commercial vehicle industry and implementing the national "stability, security and advancement" policy. We sincerely invite the industry elites to make joint efforts, symbiotic development and build a grand gathering together!