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The Difference Between Cement Trailer And Track Cement Trailer

Jul 27, 2018

  Cement trailers and track cement trailers are not a type. The track flat cars are flat cars that run on the track. They are generally powered, and use various power supply modes such as rail power supply or battery. Cement trailers are generally unpowered models. Traction and towing operation by forklift or tractor, commonly known as traction concrete trailer, can be run on track or concrete floor. There is also a trackless electric flatbed, although it is powered, but has no track, can be arbitrarily in the plane Walk on the road or on a certain small slope.

  The trackless cement trailer, that is, the flatbed transporter without track, the main difference between it and the track flat car is that the trackless flat car adopts a solid rubberized wheel, which has strong bearing capacity, and the wheel diameter according to the size of the load tonnage is different. The steering mechanism will be configured. The trackless cement trailer can travel freely on the ground plane or even turn in place, or it can be set to a fixed route according to customer requirements.

  Compared with other ground-moving trucks, the trolleyless flat car has a smaller volume bearing capacity, a lower trolley height, and is convenient for loading and unloading, and is more suitable for material transfer in the workshop. However, the trackless flat car has certain requirements on the ground due to its bearing capacity. The load can be used within 30T, and the ordinary cement floor can be used. If it exceeds 30T, the ground needs to be tempered or laid with high-strength bearing materials such as steel plates. Therefore, when purchasing a trolleyless flat car, customers should consider the conditions of use and choose the best flat car for them.