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2/3 Axle 20FT/40FT/45FT Skeletal Chassis Semi Trailer

2/3 Axle 20FT/40FT/45FT Skeletal Chassis Semi Trailer


The loading position of the skeleton container trailer is the chassis skeleton of the cargoless platform. After the container is loaded on the vehicle and fixed by the twist lock device, it also becomes a strength member of the semi-trailer. Although skeleton container trailers can only ship containers exclusively, it has the advantages of small weight, simple structure and convenient maintenance.

We introduce domestic and foreign advanced production equipment, production technology, strong technical force, and advanced management mode, and continue to innovate and improve our Linked Skeletal Container Chassis Trailer, Heavy Haulage Trailers, Low Bed Truck Trailer. The more types of our business teams, the stronger our competitiveness to meet customer needs. We have gone through experience and toughening for many years and constantly inject fresh brand concept.

Product Description:

A) East China CIMC container trailers are available in a variety of styles, such as lightweight 2 axle 40ft, 3 axles bearing 40ft or one 20ft, and carrying 40 or two 20ft.

B) According to the different cargo transported by customers, we have different designs. Usually, when transporting ISO container, loading platform and extended anti-collision barrier with sufficient distance between tank and truck tail are installed at the tail, which makes the transportation of dangerous goods safer and more reliable.

C) We can configure the tow bar or the gooseneck chassis at the front of the trailer to achieve the connection of multiple container trailers. The reasonable frame structure makes the trailer safer and more reliable.

D) The main beam adopts the I-beam structure to achieve the best results. The packing height and center of gravity is low, and the train is well matched.

3 Axles40ft and 45 Feet Skeletal Container Truck Trailer Chassis

2 Axles 20ft and 40 Feet Skeleton Skeletal Container Truck Trailer Chassis


We are one of the major supplier of 2/3 Axle 20FT/40FT/45FT Skeletal Chassis Semi Trailer in China. We implement the management culture of 'people-oriented, science and technology leading', and are committed to providing better products and more intimate services for global consumers。 Creation of core values and the pursuit of excellence are the best ideas on the interpretation of research and development.

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